Floor construction process

Another Level design, and fabricate all of their own floors with directly employed staff in our own Bristol based workshop. We use all CE Marked steel purchased through our approved steel suppliers and it is all purchased to an exact specification, this ensures that the finished product is fit for purpose. We offer a range of finishes on your structural steelwork and can offer advice as to the best surface finish for your exact application.
All of the welding is conducted in our own workshop by our own coded welders. We have a quality management system in place so that each weld is checked and verified to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.
We keep on file all of the records associated with your project, so we know what materials have gone into fabricating your specific job.
Above all else we take pride in our work, we like to see a job well done and we look and encourage this quality into all of our staff.

Reasons why our construction work is highly regarded:

  • We construct and install mezzanines nationwide
  • Many of our floor structures are unique and designed specifically for specific projects.
  • All flooring can be single tier or multi-tier depending on the building.
  • Working closely with our construction team mezzanines can be installed in phases to suit expansion plans.
  • Our mezzanine floors and flooring systems can be constructed and installed in all types of environments: retail, warehousing, distribution, production, office, storage.

Mezzanine Floor Construction Bristol